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Ski Service & Repair

 Ski Service & Repair

Your Gear Repair Experts

From bicycle repairs to ski waxing/tuning, our Service Department is open 7-days a week and is always here to help! At Pine Mtn Sports we pride ourselves in doing things right, and on time. And, we guarantee our work.. For questions or to schedule an appointment, please call our Service Department at 541-385-8080


Ski Labor

Ski (Alpine, XC, Skate) Hot Wax: $20

Split/Snowboard Hot Wax: $20

Basic Ski Tune (AT/Alpine base grind, edge grind, hot wax): $80

Machine Edge & Wax: $50

New Ski Prep (edge bevel corrections, hot wax): $30

Major Base Repair Hourly Rate: $60

Cut Climbing Skins to Fit: $35

Cut Poles To Length: $10

Mounting Labor

XC or Skate Mounting: $30

3-Pin Touring Mounting: $50

Alpine Touring or Tech Mounting: $75

Telemark (Good On Ya!) Mounting: $80

Quiver Killers Installation: $175

Plug Old Binding Holes: $10

Our Service Guarantee

When you have your bicycle or skis serviced at Pine Mtn Sports, you can count on us to  guarantee our work. If at any point you feel that our Service Department didn’t repair or solve the issue that you hired us to solve, please let us know so that we’ll make it right. No matter if your bike or ski service is big or small, our service is guaranteed.