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Our Staff

Pine Mountain Sports is committed to offering the best products and best service of any shop in Bend Oregon. Our staff has the training and experience to get you on the right outdoor gear the first time. We know the area and the products best suited to get you the most enjoyment from our beautiful Central Oregon location. Call or stop by to ask questions, get advice or just chat about conditions, gear, etc.

Here’s some of the faces you’ll see around our Bend store…

Dan McGarigle: He’s the shop owner and always helping customers find the right gear for their adventure. Dan has lived in Bend for over 15 years. He has been in the outdoor retail industry for the last eleven. His product knowledge rivals his knowledge of movies and music. When he’s not at work, Dan can be found telemark skiing, riding his Santa Cruz Tallboy, surfing, snowboarding, backcountry camping, or even shooting hoops.



Mark Campbell: Mark is from Philly and knows a thing or two about bikes and cheese steak. He’s the founder of Bend Oregon Single Speeders (B.O.S.S.) and doesn’t own a bike with gears on it. You know you are a bike geek when you have a custom made single speed tandem mountain bike and ride it all the time. Look for Mark snowboarding in the winter and racing cyclocross in the fall.



Joel Husmann: He’s not only a super dad, but master mechanic, avid alpine and nordic skier, and bike touring veteran. He’s done RAGBRAI more times that we can count and looks good in a trucker hat. When Joel is not turning wrenches and making us laugh at the shop, he’s cheering on his two boys at ball games and BMX tracks.



Tyler Tanhoff: Tyler is the master of our shipping and receiving domain. He’s on his second tour of duty as he worked for us back in the day, before running off to Austin for 5 years and teaching yoga. We’re not making that part up. When he’s not riding his single speed he’s rock climbing or out on the trails with our occasional shop dog, Codie.



Paco Echevarria: Originally from Argentina, Paco has made the Northwest his adopted home for the last 15 years. After going to college in Idaho and raft guiding for three seasons, he came to Bend in 2000 and has been at Pine since 2001! He enjoys snowboarding, xc and bc skiing, and snowshoeing in winter – and rafting kayaking, hiking camping and backpacking, and fly fishing in summer.



Rick “Hard Man” Graszl: Rick is our resident bike builder and master of getting things that we need help getting done, done. After years of wrestling bears, he’s decided to take it down a notch and follow his longing to be a bicycle mechanic. He’s the elder of the shop so can be counted on when the rest of us whippersnappers lose our minds and need a good beating.



Erika “Amerika!” Oreskovich: Erika recently moved here from Portlandia. She managed the Icebreaker store in PDX and has a long history of working in the outdoor industry. Her hubby is a fly fishing guide, so they both know a thing or two about what base layer you should start your morning in. Erika regularly commutes to work on her Trek Allant 7 townie bike.



Jimmy Demin: Jimmy handles special orders, inventory control, and has his finger on the pulse of everything that’s coming or going in the store. He likes his spreadsheets, but not ice cream. Now that he’s in Bend, Jimmy has plans to resurrect his skiing career – and take lots of bike packing trips. He’s lived in a lot of places (recently Corvallis, Flagstaff, Tuscon…) and rides a Project One Superfly 29er hard tail. Please be advised that Jimmy is left-handed.


Chris Bowman: Bowman is one of the heavy lifters in our service department and has spent some time wrenching at The Chili Pepper bike shop in Moab. Chris pilots the groomer at Meissner when the conditions are right and guides some burly trips for Cog Wild Mountain Bike Tours. Chris knows every inch of local single track by heart and is happy to share his favorite ride with you.



Jon Hansen: The beard of handsome Jon is the beard that all up and coming beards strive to be. The next time you’re in the shop introduce yourself to Jon and discover why we’re so happy to have him in our service department. Jon and his wife, Sami, are big cyclists and super active in our Central Oregon cycling community. And his kid is really cute.



Jane Quinn: Jane recently moved to Bend from Montana and we’re so excited that she’s come work for us. She’s been managing stores in the outdoor industry for years and really knows her back country skis. From expert boot fitting to her endless knowledge of technical clothing and gear she’s right at home here at Pine. She’s been frequenting the Dirt Diva rides on her Juliana Roubion, so if you see her on the trails say hello.



Ed Benites: Ed has worked in the outdoor retail industry longer than most of us, and brings his considerable knowledge and customer service skills to Pine this year. We’re excited to have him! He’s worked at big stores like REI, specializes in fitting ski boots, and is always willing to share a bad joke. Ed rides his Yamaha FJR motorcycle to work just about any day that’s not snowing.



CSullivanChris “Sully” Sullivan: After some world travels our man Sully is back at Pine Mountain Sports and we’re stoked to have him turning wrenches for us again!  When he’s not in the shop, Sully is out n’ about in search of trails, waves, and snow. From splitboarding to cycling to skiing, Sully knows his stuff. Some Chris Sullivan words of wisdom? “Always bring extra snacks on the trail.”



Henry Abel: Henry isn’t always visible working in the shop, but his influence is on a lot of things you see every day. From our website, to our special events, Henry brings us his years of bike biz marketing and a love for all things 2-wheeled. He’s also pretty good at drawing pictures and changing flat tires. When he’s not on a tandem or a motorcycle with Amy, he rides his Remedy 29er or Trek Emonda road bike and likes to skate ski in the winter.



LuciePepperLucie Pepper: When she’s not up to her eyeballs in homework while attending college in Washinton, Lucie spends her summer and winter breaks with us in her hometown of Bend. While she’s the youngest member of our Team, she may also be the most mature. Lucie’s a pleasure to be around. She’s headed to medical school for no other reason than to officially change her name to Dr. Pepper.