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Santa Cruz Bantam Review by Carly



Spending Time with my Santa Cruz Bantam by Carly S.

After many hours of researching and riding different bikes, I was happy to finally conclude my decision with the Santa Cruz Bantam from Pine Mountain Sports.   I am the typical 5’5, 130 lbs, intermediate riding female and the medium, 27.5-inch wheeled bike fits me very well.  The Bantam is the perfect combination of stability and sturdiness, while allowing for responsive maneuvering over rocky sections and tight turns.

The first time you pedal the bike, you may be surprised by it’s robust stature.  In the “Climb” mode it pedals uphill nimbly and steadily, but the Bantam truly shines when the trail turns downhill.  The wheel size and the addition of the Gnar Bars, gives you the ultimate leverage while flying downhill.  I found that although the bike is sturdy, it is not overwhelmingly heavy, making ascending no more challenging than it should be.

If you are like me, you are  probably wondering if you should be going for a 26, 27.5, or a 29er….Well, the 27.5, for me, was clearly the way to go.  You will gracefully glide over those little bumps in the trail, while still having the ability to play off any natural feature that comes your way. For all you river lovers (I know your’re out there!), it’s like a raft versus a kayak.  The 27.5 will be your playful kayak, while the 29er will be your mega raft that will sail through anything.  So, if you are looking for a confidently playful ride with a little more pep-in your step, the Santa Cruz Bantam is definitely the ultimate companion for you!

Carly S

Components I’ve added: KS Supernatural Dropper Seatpost, Simple Pleasures Gnar Bars w/ ESI Grips, WTB Leisure She Saddle, Crank Bros. 50/50 pedals

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