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2014 Trek Remedy 9.8 27.5 – Review by Ben G.

The 2014 Trek Remedy 9.8 Carbon w/ 27.5 Wheels

2014 Trek Remedy 9.8 27.5 – First Ride Review by Ben G.

I have been riding a Trek Remedy 26″ carbon bike for the past 3 years. It has been a blast to ride on our flowy local trails, big climbs in Ketchum, and on rocky descents in Tahoe. Just when I thought I would have this bike forever, along came the 27.5″ wheel hype. When I learned that Trek had redesigned the Remedy with slightly bigger wheels, I was both skeptical and curious.

I swung into Pine Mountain Sports for a ski related purchase and started talking with Dan and the bike shop crew about this year’s hot new bikes. Dan confided in me that the Remedy 27.5″ was among his favorites and he threw it out there that if I ever wanted to take it for a spin, all I had to do was ask. A quick shoutout to Dan and his team for being incredibly friendly – I mean go out of their way to help you friendly – knowledgeable, and professional.

This past weekend I decided I was curious enough about the new Remedy to give it a spin. I called the shop, spoke with Dan and 30 minutes later I was on my way out of town towards Mrazek with a couple of buddies. We started out along a paved bike path where I immediately noticed that I had an easier time keeping up with my 29″ wheel riding mates. We jumped on single track through Shevlin park and I quickly understood that I was dealing with a wholly different machine.

The bike wants to be pedaled fast! It has a confidence inspiring dampness that conveys to the rider that it will absorb whatever is thrown in its path and it is so stable at high speed that it seems natural that the rider set the cadence to full throttle. As we motored through Shevlin I found myself looking for roots and rocks to test it against, never finding the limit to its capabilities. We hit the technical climb at the back of the park and it devoured rocks and switchbacks alike. I was impressed by how easily it made tight radius turns and how nimbly it handled rock gardens.

I was having so much fun that I didn’t want the ride to end. When we finally had to turn around after reaching mud on Mrazek, I felt like a superhero. The Remedy railed through the forest and made the descent feel effortless. As a rider who tends to descend at less than breakneck speeds, I found myself eager to pick up the pace and let off the brakes.

The Remedy 9.8 27.5″ redefined a day in the saddle for me and now I know that the hype is justified. If you haven’t tried a 27.5″ wheeled biked yet, do yourself a favor and go speak with Dan and his crew about getting on one. And when you do, may I suggest opting for the Remedy. Riding this bike will make your day.

Ben G.

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